Plain Reversible Backgrounds

Pink background

Pink background

Girl on pink İAshley Beolens This shot uses the pink background

Portraits, a great subject and one I enjoy, but the choice you need to make early on is formal on a set background or naturalistic. Well if you choose the former what sort of background will you use? recently I had the opportunity to use one of Lastolites plain reversible collapsible backgrounds. I opted for the pink and blue version (my 3 year old is obsessed with pink, I had little choice).

The Background

The unit I had for review was the pink/blue version measuring 6x7ft (1.8m x 2.15m) when fully open, it folds down into a small bag using Lastolites easy fold system (sarcasm could be used here I can never get the bl**dy things as small as originally), is crease resistant and available in a range of different colours.

In use

It couldn't be easier to fold out this background and it rests easily against a wall although there are tabs so you can hook it up to a support for more stability, as well as handles so you could employ someone to hold it up etc.

All in all it was really simple to actually set up (closing down is slightly more tricky but is still easy enough to fit back into the carry bag). The portability of this unit makes it really useful for those who are likely to need to travel with their backgrounds. It is very light weight for this reason and I can see it being a staple for many portrait photographers who shoot away from studio settings a lot. In Lastolites own words: "a great way to get the seamless paper effect but in a collapsible portable format!"

Blue background

Blue background

Girl on blue İAshley Beolens This shot uses the blue background (my daughter was not happy as it wasn't pink!)


I found the two colours on this unit really smooth and even though the material seems thin (and is light weight) there is no bleed of colour from one side to the other, which is great. At first glance the material looks slightly striped but this does not translate to the photos.

As would be expected from lastolite it all seems well made with extra protection for the seams where needed. and you get the feeling it will last a while. Quality does cost though, and Lastolite products can seem expensive. However I am not aware of any other backgrounds like this in the range of colours (usually only black and white).


A really easy to use good quality product. Useful for all manner of photographers but great for portraits. A little on the expensive side but quality costs. If you are in the market for a portable backdrop you can do a lot worse than this product.

Available from Lastolite - Plain Collapsible Backgrounds

Ashley Beolens

Created: 27th Feb 2013