Lastolite 10 metre off camera cord

Most of us at some point in our photographic journey start to want to use off camera flash, after all it gives a much nicer light, but the task then is figuring out how to do it. Well Lastolites' 10 Metre off camera cord may be the choice for you.


Offering full Through The Lens metering the straight 10 metre cable has a single hot shoe adapter at one end to fit to your camera (Canon or Nikon) and another at the other end in order to attach your speedlight type flash unit.


When I tested the cable I found it really easy to roll out and set up, it took seconds to attach the cable at either end and get shooting. My settings were perfect E-TTL readings no different than if I had had the camera sat on the hotshoe.

If I was in a studio setup I would have taped down the cord a bit to keep it neat but other than that I had no issue using the cord (even my 3 year old daughter managed not to trip over it).


There are alternatives to the Lastolite cable, firstly other cables (many of which will come in at lower prices) but these will often be telephone style cords that while technically 10 meters will not easily be stretched that full distance the one real advantage with the Lastolite cord is the straight cable.

Radio type transmitters, well here you have two options the excellent and really expensive options such as Pocket wizard which are great but cost an awful lot more than this cable, and let's face it can be a little more complicated. Or cheap but often unreliable (either in not firing or giving up the ghost on occasion) transmitters.

Why a cable?

So why use a cable over one of the transmitters? Well for one, no batteries are required, with a transmitter, it is great there are no wires in the way etc but two issues do crop up, firstly failed batteries (I'm sure we have all been there at some point with photographic equipment) there is nothing worse than setting up only to find your batteries have died, this issue will not occur with a cable.

Secondly reliability. If you purchase cheap transmitters then you will often find reliability can be an issue if you buy expensive transmitters then they will be more reliable but in a location with heavy wi-fi or other transmitter use (I know it doesn't occur much) there can be intermittent issues still, with a cable again this will not happen.

Any issues?

Personally I had no issues, no misfires or not having the flash fire etc. Although others may not find this, and I was only able to test with EX430II canon flash (I would hope it works as well with other units and/or Nikon gear). My only issue is that there is no lock on the flash end.

I can happily lock the fitting on my camera but it would also be nice (and safer) to be able to lock the flash on the hot shoe at the flash unit end. Something I think Lastolite may have ignored.

The other issue I have is of course the RRP 63 (Pounds) is on the steep side.


If you use off camera flash less often than can justify decent radio transmitters but want reliability and full TTL metering then this cable may well be for you. It works well (in my opinion) is long enough to allow you to get some distance from the flash unit and not run the risk of pulling down the unit. It is pricey but often quality and reliability can be.

Available from Lastolite - 10m Off camera cord.

Ashley Beolens

Created: 27th Feb 2013