A Visitors Guide to South Georgia

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A Visitor's Guide to South Georgia

A Visitor's Guide to South Georgia by Sally Poncet and Kim Crosbie | 179 pages | Princeton University Press | Paperback |2012 | ISBN: 978-0-691-15658-3 |

It may be a tiny speck on a map, lost deep in the southern ocean but as places to visit South Georgia is top of many wildlife photographers lists (as well as many other peoples). Found (way) off the tip of south America (the closest inhabited land is the Falkland islands) the island is half covered in snow and ice with no trees and no permanent human inhabitants, South Georgia appears an amazing location to visit.

The Guide

This guide for visitors, written by Sally Poncet and Kim Crosbie, serves as a great starting point for anyone planning a visit. Filled with useful information on the wildlife and history of the island, along with site guides, maps and a huge number of simply stunning photographs. Easy to read and written in a friendly informative manner, I can?t think what there is not to like.

Don?t be fooled into thinking this is one of wildguides purely nature journals, no this book has a whole lot more. Yes there are some excellent pieces on the islands wildlife, but there are also brilliant sections on history, geology, research and much more.


There is a very brief guide to photography in the region, but the photography included in the book is simply stunning, from the wonderful wildlife photographs to some amazing landscape shots and even some really interesting shots of people going about their work, and even some historical snaps. If you have not heard of the island it would be worth a look just for the images alone.


I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to visit the island but I would also recommend it to people like me who just enjoy great images and writing about distant lands.

It is full of great information and (I don?t think I have emphasised this enough yet) some wonderful photographs, it really was a joy to read and review.

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Ashley Beolens

Created: 28th Jan 2013