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Royal White © Ashley Beolens

Royal White © Ashley Beolens

As countries go, the UK (or to use the full name the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is small, but well formed, when it comes to photography. Boasting landscapes that photographer?s dream of: mountain ranges with flowing water or cascading rock formations; vast open fields of corn, twisting in the summer breeze; or bluebell filled woodlands alive with insect life, plus, as an island nation, miles of varied and dramatic coastline.

We are also fortunate to be blessed with an abundance of wildlife, from huge seabird colonies, to deer herds roaming the forest, large water parks filled with ducks and geese; or forests jumping with insects and small mammals.

But beyond the great countryside and wildlife we are equally lucky to have cities mixing ancient architecture and modern masterpieces. Photographically I would say there is something for everyone to enjoy or photograph in the UK. OK if I?m honest our light isn?t always conducive to photography, but it can create drama from what would otherwise be a normal scene.

Away from the actual art of taking photographs, we in the UK also boast more than our fair share of camera clubs and photographic societies, with many counties having dozens of different groups you could join, or visit. We are also blessed with huge numbers of professional and amateur photographers, hailing from each corner of these sceptred isles.

Commercially there are an abundance of independent and large chain camera stores, and have near endless numbers of photography courses, workshops and holidays, for you to enjoy.

If you don?t believe me then follow the links down to the different countries that make up the United Kingdom, with England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, plus the smaller areas of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Selecting those pages will give you the chance to look more closely at the different counties that we separate ourselves into, and see just how much the UK has to offer photographers and photography.

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