South America

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Red dn Green Macaw - Copyright Glenn Bartley -

Red dn Green Macaw - Copyright Glenn Bartley -

With the vast tropical rain forests or the huge mountains of the Andes it is impossible to cover all the areas of South America in one short introduction to photography in the region, so that task is better suited to the individual countries shown on the map or listed below.

On each page we have sections for many things, some of which are: photography Venues; Useful Reading; Useful Information; Camera Shops, Repairers, and Framing; Photography Vacations, Accommodation and Days Out; Clubs and Organisations; Forums and Mailing Lists; Print Labs and Restoration Services; Wedding Photography; Courses and Tuition; Portrait Photography; Blogs; Event Photography; Fashion Photography; Other Photographers; Galleries, Exhibitions and Museums; Studio Hire; Antiques and Collectibles; Links; Videos; and finally Reviewers. So as you can see we should have something for everyone.

We want each country to be as interesting and accurate as possible, and for that we have locals write our introductions as often as possible, where we have none, then we are always looking for someone to help us, so please do get in touch if you can help.

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