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To try to write in detail about the photographic potential of a whole continent would seem folly to many, and fortunately I AM one of those people, so I won?t attempt to compose and in depth review, but shall instead try to summarise the endless possibilities that the second largest and second most populous continent has to offer. I hope some of it will even be photography related!

Consisting of some 56 countries or territories (a growing number, see Sudan?s recent division) and spreading over more than 11 million square miles, there must surely be something to meet everyone?s photographic needs.

From the vast seemingly barren desert of the north; to the lush equatorial tropical rain forests of the west; Mountains of unimaginable size in the east; to the grass lands and savannahs of the south, the diversity of environments create scenes to melt the hardest of landscape photographers hearts. And provide havens for vast and varied amounts of flora and fauna to please the fussiest wildlife photographer.

As the birthplace of Homo sapiens there is so much more than just great animals or wild spaces; Africa was home to two of the earliest civilisations, the Egyptians and the Phoenicians, and some of their structures can still be seen and more importantly photographed today.

But it is often the people of Africa who feature most heavily in photographs of the continent. Most of us will have seen portraits or photojournalistic images from the famous brightly adorned tribes of the Masai Mara; to the withered leather, sun beaten faces of the men of Egypt or Tunisia; the poverty stricken children of the southern shanty towns; to the starved, dying women of the terrible Ethiopian famines, photographs from Africa are often used to pull at our heart strings or emphasis the harshness of life, but they are often vibrant and appealing as well.

Whilst we have some sites listed on this page, this page is ideally the jumping off point for all the African countries, you will find the map below offers links to each one, or use the list below that for navigation.

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