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Messy © Ashley Beolens

Messy © Ashley Beolens

Now usually we give an introduction to photography in the local area covered by this page, written by a local resident photographer, in these sections, but as this is the global page it seems a bit silly. With the exception of satellite photography or the few lucky astronauts who have visited outer space and seen our watery rock from the outside we are all locals and know that the genres we can photograph are endless and that there are subject matters for us all, no matter what our choices. So instead this page will give you more of an insight into what you can find on the geographical pages.

With that in mind this page is the jumping off point to all our geographical pages. From here you can access all the continents and landmasses of the world and find the local area that interests you the most (or one that you have never even thought of, but fancy investigating). We have every country listed, and in this changing world that is not always easy, and keeps us busy (so perhaps when you vote to separate your country off think of the extra work it gives me!!). In many cases we have separated the country into the states or counties, so we really are trying to give you, our readers, as much in depth knowledge as we can.

On each geographic page we aim to have an introduction to photography in that area, written by a local photographer (professional or amateur we do not mind), but for this we do need the help of you, so if you feel you are capable of writing such an introduction then please contact me via the feedback link at the top of each page and we will give you more information (all contributors get a special link on the page they write for, something which will help your page stand out from the rest).

On each page we have sections for many things, not all will be on each page as we can only include what we find, but the full range are: Venues; Contributor; Useful Reading; Useful Information; Camera Shops, Repairers, and Framing; Photography Vacations, Accommodation and Days Out; Clubs and Organisations; Forums and Mailing Lists; Print Labs and Restoration Services; Wedding Photography; Courses and Tuition; Portrait Photography; Blogs; Event Photography; Fashion Photography; Other Photographers; Galleries, Exhibitions and Museums; Studio Hire; Antiques and Collectibles; Links; Videos; and finally Reviewers. So as you can see we should have something for everyone.

As always if we have missed something from one of the pages then please let us know via the feedback forms linked from the top of each page.

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