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There is nothing quite like picking up the latest edition of your favourite photographic magazine and having a good read. As photographers or photography enthusiasts we are blessed with having some of the best, most colourful and informative titles available to us, littered with stunning photography and informative articles and what a huge amount there are!

Almost every area of photography is covered by some specific magazine, from the amateur photographer to professional photographer?s specialist journals, portrait photography to landscape imaging, or even the eclectic styling of the average photo monthly; You will find photography organisations in house magazines or independent publishers magazines on many of our shops shelves, in fact you would be hard pushed to not find something to interest you.

But it isn?t just the glossy magazines in supermarkets or newsagents that are available. These days we have the extra blessing of internet or online magazines (sometimes called ezines), whether these are from the glossy publishers producing an online version of their paper magazine, or organisations whose member?s magazines are now available across the internet or even the independent online only magazines (much like this site) that are springing up, the wealth of knowledge and great photography these magazines showcase us is incredible.

It isn?t just a phenomenon of the English speaking world though, there are photography magazines available in a multitude of languages and from almost all regions of the world.

On this page we have links to both paper Photography Magazines and online photography magazines as well as photography magazine publishers, each is identified by the preceding terms - Magazine; Online Magazine or Publisher, for ease of use to you our readers.

As always we aim to provide as many links as we can, but if you find some that we have missed, please let us know and we will endeavour to add them where possible.

Publishers - If you would like a review of your magazine to appear in the Fatphotographer review section then please contact us via the feedback forms.

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