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One of the greatest tools that the internet has become used as is image sharing, you can post a picture from anywhere in the world and it can be seen by your friends and family back home. Image libraries allow this to happen, they also allow you to look at other peoples photos and possibly even decide on where you want to go next, whether you are a photographer or just someone who wants to find pictures of a far flung place or plant/animal species, then these sites are for you.

Alongside the usual open to all image libraries (such as Flickr or Picasa) where you can post what you want just to show your talents, there are links here to specific image hosting companies that allow you to personalise your own photography webpage. Often refered to as Print on Demand, for obvious reasons.

In fact there are a number of such libraries now (I personally use Redbubble, see the link under my photo) where you can upload images as part of a community, yet still have the chance to sell your images, via their services, great for people who do not really want to spend loads of time marketing their work, but would appreciate the odd sale.

I have tried to tag sites that offer print on demand, but these sites are not JUST for that they are also great places to share photos so don't think you can't sign up even if you don't want to sell your images. Take a look first and see what you think.

An example of what a shop on one of these sites may look like is our own Fatphotographer shop on cafe press: - Feel free to buy anything you like while there

What I do not list here are social networking sites, although there are plenty that will allow you to post and share images, I just feel they are not quite specific enough for us (unless people know of purely photography related ones in which case please let me know, although the links may already be on other pages).

Due to popular demand I've added websites where you can build your own professional looking portfolio website from templates, they are all added to the regular list but with the prefix - Website builder.

All I suggest is that you don't include music on your site, I'm sure it is personal preference but I can't stand it and like many people I use my computer to listen to music while surfing the net and it really gets in the way having to find stop buttons on other peoples websites.

As always we aim to provide as many links as we can, but if you find some that we have missed, please let us know and we will endeavour to add them where possible.

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