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Copyright Ashley Beolens

Copyright Ashley Beolens

Welcome to the how to shoot.. pages of Fatphotographer.

As you will probably already be aware there are so many different forms of photography, as well as, as many different styles as you can imagine, that no-one will be a master of them all. Our aim with these pages is to hopefully help people learn new ways to use their cameras and new skills to improve their photography; our hope is that we will have people knowledgeable in their fields writing how to shoot sections, on as many topics as there are types of photography.

The goal is to offer both basic how to shoot tips, aimed very much at the beginner as well as more in depth ideas on how to achieve your aims, for the more experienced users, and as much range in between as we can. Some will be very much overviews of topics while others will be much more technical, so hopefully everyone will find something to suit them.

Something we have always felt is as important as your camera is the other photographic kit around you. So for that reason we also offer tutorials on what some kit is and how it could be used.

Our how to shoot pages are listed below in alphabetical order. We have also tried to group the relevant sections together, so all how to shoot portrait pages will start with the prefix portrait, followed by the actual subject matter, this is to make things easier for you to find exactly what you are after.

We are always looking for well written articles to help expand these pages. If you think we are missing something and you feel you are able to write something to fill the gap, then please get in touch via the feedback area (there is a link in top right corner), and let me know what you are thinking about. I am happy to have suggestions and more than happy to have submissions.

As always we aim to provide as many links as we can, but if you find some that we have missed, please let us know and we will endeavour to add them where posible.

How to Shoot...

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