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The idea behind the basics pages, of our how to shoot section, is to introduce some basic tutorials on photography, from understanding aperture and exposure to tips on composition or using certain items.

These tutorials are aimed to new photographers, and do not cover tips on specific subjects or genres but are general views and tutorials.

All tutorials are linked from the how to shoot page under the heading Basics. Or you can see the links to the basics collection below:

Basics - Adjusting Viewfinder Dioptres
Basics - Back Button Focusing
Basics - Composition
Basics - Top 10 Tips For Beginners
Basics - Understanding Aperture
Basics - Understanding Exposure
Basics - Understanding Shutter Speeds
Basics - Understanding ISO
Basics - Understanding Your Light Meter

I hope they are useful to you? And would love to hear about how they have helped. Alternatively if you have some suggestions for basic tutorials we have not covered or would like to write for us please get in touch.

Ashley Beolens