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Once you have had the vision, and carried out the hard part of setting up the photo you have worried over you will find that most can and will be improved by tweaking in some form of darkroom; In the modern world of Digital photography that darkroom has moved away from red lights and dangerous chemicals to the more relaxed seat in front of your computer screen.

There are vast amounts of different software programs for photo editing and even more techniques on how you can process your images, to achieve the look you are after, our aim here is to provide you with, not only links to pages with tips on post processing, but also custom written articles on post processing techniques, themselves. Whether you want simple sharpening techniques or far more complex manipulation process we hope to cover them all.

To do this though we rely on you to tell us how you achieve what you do, if you feel we are missing a technique in post processing, and you feel you could write something for our other readers to learn from then get in touch via our feedback forms (the link can be found at the top of each page).

As always we have attempted to link to as many manufacturers as we could find, but if you find any we have missed, please let us know and we will endeavour to add them where possible.

How To Post Process...

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