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Although the title of this page is webrings it actually encompasses much more, this page aims to provide links to Photographic webrings, photography directories and other photographic web resources (unlike other photographic web resources we are not afraid of competition and freely list our rivals, although we doubt you will find any up to our standards and completeness).


Webrings are usually groups of websites linked together in a circular structure, (where eventually you should get back to where you first started) they should all be about the same subject, in our case they will all be photographic, and are usually used as way of increasing search engine optimisation, or providing links to other likeminded people without having large links pages on your own site. They were once very popular but seem less used these days.


Directories are usually an alphabetical list of websites grouped around the same subject matter, although there are some that list sites by popularity or links back to themselves. These are again often used solely to boost search engine optimisation, and while useful do not really offer visitors any other information.


Web resources are sites like this! Sites where we try to add useful content, in our case pages detailing photography in varied geographical locations, reviews, tips, news and much more, but also link to many external pages. The web resources we have listed will all be photography related.

For ease we have grouped all these types of sites into one place, if you are looking for one it will make your life easier, but will not detract from those searching the rest of our content, for specific sites.

As always we aim to provide as many links as we can, but if you find some that we have missed, please let us know and we will endeavour to add them where possible.

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