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As photographers one thing that unites us is our belief that we take the greatest photos and everyone else is poor in comparison. Photographic competitions are a way of proving, or for the vast majority of us disproving, this fact. Ok so I?m joking, but many of us photographers do enjoy pitting our work against the photographic work of someone else. Whether this is in a local camera club competition, on a national scale or even on an international scale the idea is the same. Photographers all take pictures based around a specific genre/subject, and a group of un-related judges say who is best. It?s all arbitrary as all art is subjective, but some people enjoy these things (having never even come close to winning, I?m starting to think I am not one who enjoys such competitions).

We would have liked our aim here on these pages to have been to list all photographic competitions that are open to all comers (by this I mean members only competitions will likely not be listed). We do not mind which subject, genre, company or style is required (as long as it is not pornographic), as long as you need to have taken the photograph yourself we want to list it. However we do not have the time to do this and there are a good number of other sites out there who already do, so we will instead be listing all those. Sorry.


Before entering any photographic competition please read the terms and conditions some companies use these competitions to claim copy write or worldwide rights usage of any and all entered images. You may be ok with this you may not, but it is always worth checking first, after all it?s your work!

As always we aim to provide as many links as we can, but if you find some that we have missed, please let us know and we will endeavour to add them where possible.

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