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Little would Louis Daguerre have thought that nearly 200 years after creating the first daguerreotype the machines spawned by his inventions would be still so popular (before anyone writes in I know that photography in some forms had been mooted since the 4th century BC (pin hole cameras) and that it was Hercules Florence who first invented a similar way of creating an image to Daguerre and coined the term Photographie, I study history, but it doesn?t all link as well). although I am sure he would have dreamed it would. But what I am sure of is that he didn?t realise just how collectable photographs and photographic equipment would become! In fact a daguerreotype camera from 1939 once sold for just under 1 million dollars (US)!

So with collectables being so popular, it would be remiss of the Fatphotographer to not have a committed page for links to sites dedicated to collectable photographic equipment or paraphernalia.

It is not just camera gear that is collected, many people collect and archive old photographs, so I have tried to include links to those as well as camera gear.

I do not claim to know much about the subject of collectables, so if any more knowledgeable person would like to write an infinitely more detailed (and probably interesting) introduction to collectables in the photographic world, please contact me via the feedback forms.

As always if we have missed something let us know via the feedback forms and we will try to include it, just no lol cats! (And that isn?t a joke!!).

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