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From Aperture to ISO, Daguerreotype to Hyper Dynamic Range (HDR) photography has some terms they seem to frighten the average person, especially in the day of digital cameras that do everything for you. The links found on this page are here to help you get to grips with the technical terminology used by photographers and in photography (don?t worry you don?t need to learn them all there isn?t going to be a test).

At Fatphotographer we want to be able to de-mystify some of photography for the laymen while helping the expert understand more, and hopefully these pages will help us achieve that (we also have some of our own de-mystifying techniques on our how to? pages).

One page alone isn?t large enough to explain all the terms you will come across in photography, so we have created a page for each term listed below (these pages are not huge but we thought it was best to seperate things this way). The pages will be a basic explanation of what the term means (and how it is used), but will hopefully grow overtime to be more complete and detailed. At any rate they will be a jumping off point for knowledge growth.

For detail on technical terms Click on the word(s) below to go to their page for a full description of that technical term:

| Aperture | Bokeh | Bounced Flash | Bulb | Candid | Composition | Depth of Field | F/Stop or F/Numbers | Filters (camera) | Focal Length | HDR | ISO | Interpolation | Noise | Non Destructive Editing | Photoshop Action | RAW | Vignetting |

As always we also aim to provide as many links as we can below, to show how others describe terms (after all one persons writing may not be for everyone), but if you find some that we have missed, please let us know and we will endeavour to add them where possible.

We are always interested in hearing your opinions so if there are terms you feel we should include, let us know, or if you have better ways to explain things let us know as well.

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