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When it comes to the study of photography there are two schools of thought, one is that formal learning such as those provided by schools, collages and universities is the best form for learning photography skills the other believes you learn more by carrying out actual photographic work and that a certificate won?t make you a better photographer! Although many who do not have a formal photographic qualification may still have participated in a number of workshops or tutorials (but not all). Whichever you feel is right for your photographic education we hope we can help.

With that being the case we at Fatphotographer have decided that photography education in whichever form you choose to study should be listed together; with that being the case formal photography courses are listed along side photography workshops and tutorials.

On this page however we have dedicated our links to photography courses that are on a global scale, so we aim to provide global photographic study links, and distance learning photography courses on this page (in the main). Localised or physical photography courses and workshops (where you actually have to attend the class) are listed on our geographical pages in the region of study. This is for the ease of you the visitor, there is little point searching through endless amounts of courses in London if you live and want to study in New York! What you won?t find here are online tutorials on specific subjects or tips on how to achieve certain things, those will be listed on our how to? pages.

As one of those that has never formally studied photography (apart from a brief few months while in 6th form collage, ah the heady days of youth?..) I am not best placed to offer advice to the would be student, however, two things spring to mind, firstly (and with everything in photography) research the course you are contemplating thoroughly before signing up, there is nothing worse than doing something that doesn?t suit you. Secondly, I have heard the statistic that there are more people studying photography than there are photography positions, so you may find that in the end your field of study ends up not being where you work.

And finally as always we are not infallible and quite often miss links so if you find something we have missed please let us know and we will endeavour to put it right, contact us via the feed back forms.

If you are a provider of any global photographic study and wish us to review your courses (and get an extra plug via our reviews area) we are more than happy to, please contact us via the feedback link at the top of this or any site page.

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