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Contact us via the feedback form

When it comes to spending sometimes thousands of pounds on photographic equipment the last thing you want to scrimp on is the insurance to cover your lost, stolen or damaged gear. It is vital therefore that you thoroughly research what you need your insurance to protect against and how any replacements will be supplied etc. It is also important to read thoroughly each insurers policies and what they do and do not cover and make sure that it covers what you need (we all have different requirements).

A few things to think about when looking for Camera or Photography insurance (and this list is by no means comprehensive, I would recommend further investigation into your own requirements):

Equipment to be insured: Remember it is not just the camera body and lens, but filters, tripods, lighting, bags and all manner of other accessories that you will want to be covered by your insurance, so make sure everything you need covered is listed. You should also be checking if there is a maximum single value per item, and making sure each piece will be covered individually. You also need to know how easy is it to make amendments as you add new gear. Does the insurer offer new for old replacements, it may be hard to get older cameras replaced with exact models, new for old will alleviate this headache.

What is covered: Dos the t insurance cover you are looking at cover all your needs? Are you protected when travelling abroad, or is theft from an unattended vehicle covered? All questions you must answer to be sure your expensive equipment will be replaced if there is a problem. It is advisable to have Public liability insurance and sometimes indemnity insurance (depending on your circumstances) so it is vital to make sure you know if you need these and if they are covered. It is possible most important to ask what is NOT covered as well, just to make sure.

No Claims: If you feel everything is covered, then like most insurance you want the best deal, so remember to ask if there are no claims discounts, and don?t forget to ask about excess costs, these can considerably increase or reduce you premiums.

Often it is possible (in the UK at least) to set up photographic cover with your home insurance company, but with specialist photographic insurance there are added options such as public liability insurance something that you WILL need if you plan on taking pictures professionally, but also something that all of us should consider if we take photos. There are also other options that it is worth looking into, some questions you should probably ask are; does your insurer cover hire costs if you need a quick replacement? Are you covered outside your home country? Is theft from a car covered?

An Important Note

Not all insurances will be the same for professionals, in some cases the cover will not protect you so make sure if you sell any photographic work (as this may make you classed as a professional) that you check with the insurance company, broker or agent you use that you will still be covered.

Our aim on this page is to bring you links to as many specialist photographic insurance companies, from around the world, as we can find. We want to help you make sure all your cameras or photographic gear will be insured.

We currently have insurance companies listed from the following countries (but need many more):
UK, Republic Of Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.

As always we have attempted to link to as many photographic insurance providers as we could find, but if you find any we have missed, please let us know and we will endeavour to add them where possible (use the feedback link at the top of every page). We are particularly interested in hearing of insurance companies specialising in photographic insurance from non English speaking countries.

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