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With the huge surge in popularity of photography, due in no small part to the digital revolution, has come an even larger growth in the manufacturing of photographic accessories, designed to improve the photographers lot.

There are all manner of new and innovative photographic accessories coming onto the market these days, from devices to change a built in flash to a ring or macro flash to one man hides aimed at the wildlife photographer and pretty much anything in between. The list of those accessories available is too vast to attempt here, so I won?t, but if you can imagine it, then it may already exist.

This area of the site is to cover manufacturers of all these photographic accessories from the small independent guys to the major corporations, if they produce an accessory we aim to include them here. Not just the new stuff but every thing from camera cleaning product makers to makers of remote controls, or reflectors; if it is aimed at photographers we want to include it here.

As always we have attempted to link to as many manufacturers as we could find, but if you find any we have missed, please let us know and we will endeavour to add them where possible.

Manufacturers - If you would like a review of your photographic accessory to appear in the Fatphotographer review section then please contact us via the feedback forms.

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