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Contact us via the feedback form

When it comes to lighting there are a number of options to look at and products that can be used to help achieve what you want to do with your photographs. The simplest and cheapest option to use for lighting is the obvious choice of natural light, using the sun to light you images will usually produce excellent quality images, but often there is not enough or it is too harsh and that is where other options come into play.

Most cameras come with a built in electronic flash, these are normally not great for producing natural looking images and their location on a camera can lead to unflattering shadows or red eye. If you are after the mobility that the onboard flash offers then flashguns offer an alternative that is more adjustable to suit any situation you come across, these are small flash guns, which attach directly to your cameras hot shoe or via a remote system of some kind can be used off the camera, these are usually not overly powerful and can require a number to evenly light your subject matter.

If mobility and space are not an issue then there are two forms of large off camera lighting; continuous lighting and strobe flashes. Continuous lighting is usually cheap, but can run very hot so is not always suitable for smaller studios, strobe flashes, are ideal in that they can be adjusted to many powers and the flash bursts are short enough not to cause excessive heat, but they are large and often expensive (especially the top of the range types).

Beyond these electric lighting options, there are items such as reflectors that can be used to direct light, either natural or electric, to the area of your subject that you wish to light. These come in many different sizes and styles so it is worth looking around to find what suits you and your needs most, as well as your bank balance.

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