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Copywrite Ashley Beolens

Copywrite Ashley Beolens

The number of camera manufacturers currently around is staggering, producing something for everyone, from the specialist makers of medium format cameras like Hasselblad to the popular manufacturers of Canon or Nikon. Point and shoot specialists like Panasonic or the novelty and fun cameras made by digital blue, whose Lego camera truly is fantastic.

When choosing a camera manufacturer to buy into it is important to remember that when you choose your new camera (if picking a DSLR or medium format camera) you are buying not only into the body, but also the system as a whole. Take for example Canon, if you choose them, you will be limited to the use of Canon brand lenses or a number of third party types (unless you can find an adaptor), and so you will be buying into this as a whole, not just choosing the camera you like.

As with all things photographic when choosing your camera it is important to think about what it is that you would like the camera to do. If you are simply after pointing it and clicking then a simple point and shoot will probably suit you best. If you are after more advanced options then a DSLR or an EVIL camera (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) these will allow you to change lenses to suit your situation. But it is not only the lenses that should help you make a choice. Sports/wildlife photographers usually need a fast focusing camera with quick fire rates, for these a cropped sensor (1.3/1.6) is usually useful as it will add to the effect of magnification (sort of), where as a landscape photographer would not need fast focus speeds or frame rates, but a full frame camera is usually beneficial. Again those looking to take pictures in low light will need a camera that will have noise free high ISO capabilities.

Our aim here is to provide links to each manufacturer, but our knowledge is not boundless so if you find one we have missed, please let us know, and we will endeavour to add them to the expanding list. With many older manufacturers now out of business we have not listed all of those, as websites no longer exist.

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