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Contact us via the feedback form

Contact us via the feedback form

Once the decision on the camera set up you are going to be buying into is made, the next step, and possible one of the most important will be the decision on how you are going to carry around your new gear? So it is time to think about camera bags in their many and varied forms.

Manufacturers of Camera Bags are plentiful, which means that there is something for everyone, be it the intrepid explorer needing a huge camera bag rucksack to carry endless gear over rough terrain, or the amateur snapper who needs a small shoulder camera bag to carry their photographic gear around the local park. There are also prices to suit everyone.

When choosing a camera bag, my advice is to check what you will need it for. If you are likely to be using a long lens, you will need to be able to fit this in your bag, likewise those using a tripod on regular occasions will benefit from having a camera bag that can accommodate this as well, many do either with special pockets or straps at the side or back.

Another thing to remember is that you will likely be carrying around your camera bag a lot so comfort MUST be high on your list of requirements; there is nothing worse than the ache occurring after carrying an ill fitting rucksack around on your back for a few hours. Although rucksacks are not the only choice for camera bags.

A few questions to ask:

* Will my photographic gear fit in this camera bag?
* Can I get at the compartments with ease?
* Are the compartments of the camera bag alterable?
* Is it too big/small?
* Does the camera bag offer adequate support when carried?

Many photographers will have more than one camera bag to carry their photographic gear around in, a smaller one for light city use, a larger one for travel etc (personally my collection is growing, as I find new needs).

The list of Camera bag brands and manufacturers here is as complete as we can make it, but if you find we have missed someone, please let us know and we will endeavour to add links if at all possible. And don't forget we review camera bags at fatphotographer, either check out our reviews sections of the site or our bag reviews which are listed below on this page.

Manufacturers - If you would like a review of your camera bag to appear in the Fatphotographer review section then please contact us via the feedback forms.

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